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What Israel meant for Portuguese colonialism

In August 1961, a Portuguese agronomist named Raul Wahnon Correia Pinto made a work trip to Israel. “Visiting Israel gave us the sensation of enjoying the unique privilege of witnessing the creation of a world!” wrote Pinto in a report … Continue reading

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Helicopters over Xipamanine

A standard interview begins with the boring question: When were you born? Usually I get the simple answer, and we move on to more interesting things. Ana Magaia, the actress, answered the question with the date (December 27), the year … Continue reading

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The horse door

Whenever I’m in Maputo, people frequently feel the need to inform me that there’s a pen behind my ear, as if it got there without my knowing it, with the implication that I should remove the pen immediately, like it’s … Continue reading

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A pretty flag

(Story began here and continued here. This is the final part.) The hotel by the bridge, owned by one of the Hassam brothers, had one of the few swimming pools in Tete. It was called Paraíso Misterioso—Mystery Paradise—and I can’t … Continue reading

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Jake Katuluza’s greater escape

(Story begins here.) At the Boane training camp Jake heard dark tales of the war. By the late 1980s, Renamo was throttling the south of the country as it had central Mozambique. The routes connecting Maputo to South Africa and … Continue reading

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