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I’ve been back in Maputo for a few weeks now, much of it spent renewing old friendships, relearning the minibus routes, and hunting down bairro architects. But I felt like my real welcome came on Thursday, at the university, when … Continue reading

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Munhuana by boat

A recent visit to Padre Humberto, the Dutch priest at São Joaquim de Munhuana, turned up a trove of photos of the parish’s past. I’ve written before about Munhuana and the Bairro indígena, a colonial-era housing complex built in the … Continue reading

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A meeting at the movies

The neighborhood of Munhuana, in Maputo, was not always called Munhuana. It received that more appropriate name in the 1960s. It was first known as the Bairro Indígena—the “native neighborhood”—built by colonial authorities beginning in the 1940s as a kind … Continue reading

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