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Jake Katuluza’s itinerant refrigerator

(Story began here and continued here. This is the final part.) Twenty years on, Jake recalled his epic moments in all their mundane detail. The number of teens from western Tete picked to go to East Germany. The number of groups … Continue reading

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Jake Katuluza’s greater escape

(Story begins here.) At the Boane training camp Jake heard dark tales of the war. By the late 1980s, Renamo was throttling the south of the country as it had central Mozambique. The routes connecting Maputo to South Africa and … Continue reading

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Jake Katuluza’s first escape

Tete province is the left arm of the Y that is Mozambique, a dry and rocky place famous for its goats and notorious for its heat. It’s gotten a lot of attention in recent years for its coal deposits, too, … Continue reading

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