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Loose ends

Remember those stories about Coca–Cola? How it was banned in Portugal until the 1970s, but freely available in Mozambique? Well, it turns out that Coke wasn’t contraband smuggled into Mozambique from neighboring South Africa, as I suggested. According to an … Continue reading

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What things go better with

This photo of Rosa Candla’s wedding day celebration is great in itself (even if the photo of the photo is not), but for those of you who have been reading about Coca-Cola’s special place in the histories of Mozambique and … Continue reading

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More on General Coca-Cola

In 1958, Portuguese Air Force General Humberto Delgado was called “General Without Fear” because he had the audacity to seriously contest a presidential election that wasn’t supposed to be a contest. Losing to Salazar’s preferred candidate in an election widely … Continue reading

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The Coca-Colas of Lourenço Marques

On a previous trip to Lisbon I interviewed someone who had been a mid-level government official in Lourenço Marques (now Maputo) during most of the last decade of Portuguese rule. Portugal’s African colonies had once been malarial dumping grounds for … Continue reading

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