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Onions and garlic

“The East is a career,” wrote Disraeli of the work of imperialism. “Career” in Portuguese is carreira, and for centuries the carreira also meant the journey east: six or seven months in a cramped ship from Lisbon around Africa to … Continue reading

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Orphans of the King

For centuries, Boxer tells us, Lisbon fretted over the scarcity of European-born Portuguese in its various outposts in the East, particularly in Goa, the jewel of its Indian Ocean trading empire. Malaria and dysentery ravaged European populations there through much … Continue reading

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Boxer’s rebellion

Historian C.R. Boxer takes great pleasure in the tribulations of pugnacious Portugal as over the centuries it struggled to keep its far-flung, shoestring empire intact. Which is why he’s a great read. I’ll spare you the “rigor of mercy,” medieval … Continue reading

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