Maputo at night

The actual Hotel Universo, still under renovation.

I’ve been in an intensive material collection mode the past few weeks, hence no new posts. That will change very soon. In the meantime, here’s a slideshow of images (after the jump), mostly from Ronil, the neighborhood where I lived earlier this year. Actually, Ronil isn’t so much a neighborhood as it is a point of reference. “Ronil” is the name of the auto dealership at the corner of Avenidas Eduardo Mondlane and Karl Marx. It’s just across the street from the Hotel Universo.

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4 Responses to Maputo at night

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  2. David Morton says:

    Don’t know why the slideshow isn’t working. Will try to get this back up soon.

  3. kinou cazes-hachemian says:

    Would love to see the slideshow, my mom’s friend Marina owns the Ronil dealership and I was there last July so now I know exactly where Hotel Universo is!! If I go back to Maputo one day I will look for that cool looking sign!

  4. moreira says:


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