If you happen to be in town…

What's that doing here? An undated postcard of the Louis Tregardt Garden of Remembrance, Maputo, the only Voortrekker monument outside South Africa.

I’ve written here before about the care with which Frelimo disposed of many colonial-era monuments following independence. I said I’d save the most interesting tale for another day. That day is Wednesday. That’s when I’ll be giving a talk at the Universidade Eduardo Mondlane about one of the Maputo monuments that Frelimo left alone: the Louis Tregardt Garden of Remembrance, the only Voortrekker memorial you’ll find outside South Africa. Somehow this little island of Afrikaner history kept its gates open, its bushes trimmed, and its walls whitewashed at a time when the rest of the city was falling into physical ruin–and as the Afrikaner nationalists running apartheid South Africa were devoting considerable effort to destroying Mozambique.

Details of the UEM event are here. If you’re not interested in unusual monuments, please come for Sandra Roque, an anthropologist who will be discussing the artificial urban/suburban divide in Angolan cities.

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4 Responses to If you happen to be in town…

  1. Caroline d´Essen says:

    Great! Good luck!

  2. Eduardo Bueno says:

    Boa sorte, David,

    Estarei no Malawi amanhã, então infelizmente não poderei ir.



  3. jpt says:

    Fiquem sabendo os que lá não estiveram que os presentes muito apreciaram a sessão. A agradecer ao David e à Sandra pelas respectivas apresentações …

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