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I’ve been back in Maputo for a few weeks now, much of it spent renewing old friendships, relearning the minibus routes, and hunting down bairro architects. But I felt like my real welcome came on Thursday, at the university, when … Continue reading

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Munhuana by boat

A recent visit to Padre Humberto, the Dutch priest at São Joaquim de Munhuana, turned up a trove of photos of the parish’s past. I’ve written before about Munhuana and the Bairro indígena, a colonial-era housing complex built in the … Continue reading

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Malangatana, 1936-2011

When Malangatana died a few weeks ago, at 74, in a Portuguese hospital, the question arose: Where should he be buried? Well, not in Portugal (though many Portuguese, too, embraced Mozambique’s greatest artist). The Mozambican government wanted him interred with … Continue reading

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Mondlane was an Indians fan

In 2009, I attended a conference in Maputo marking the fortieth anniversary of the death of Eduardo Mondlane, the founding president of Frelimo, Mozambique’s independence movement. I greeted Janet Mondlane, his widow, an American who grew up in Illinois. Eduardo … Continue reading

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