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Revolutionary force meets immovable object

Beginning in May 1975, Samora Machel and his entourage headed south through Mozambique on a triumphal tour of the country they were scheduled to take charge of on the 25 of June. Just before their arrival in Lourenço Marques for … Continue reading

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Planning without planners

For more than a year now, a group of researchers has been conducting an expansive study of houses and households in Maputo’s suburbs. By “suburbs” I mean the part of the city where not so long ago most homes were … Continue reading

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If I were at the ASA

I can´t be at the meeting of the African Studies Association this week, but if I were in San Francisco, this is what I´d be doing:

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More Mozambique cinemas

Sol de Carvalho kindly sent me a number of photos he took of cinemas in Mozambique to supplement my growing collection. Most of the photos were taken by noted Brazilian photographer and filmmaker Chico Carneiro, who has lived in Maputo … Continue reading

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