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Onions and garlic

“The East is a career,” wrote Disraeli of the work of imperialism. “Career” in Portuguese is carreira, and for centuries the carreira also meant the journey east: six or seven months in a cramped ship from Lisbon around Africa to … Continue reading

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The first shot

Every school kid in Mozambique knows that at 9 p.m. on Sept. 25, 1964, Alberto Chipande fired the opening salvo in Frelimo’s armed struggle against colonial rule. Or did he? Another war hero (and a fellow general in Frelimo’s inner … Continue reading

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The Gande ruins

As one reader noted, a number of the houses that can be seen in the photos of Chirodzi-Sanangwe look impressively put together. I didn’t even show you a full shot of the two-story hut that the local police chief built … Continue reading

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I don’t think that in the posts on Chirodzi–Sanangwe I’ve given you an adequate sense of what it looks like. After the jump there’s a gallery of images from 2008 and 2009, with captions for the people I interviewed.

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They are many!

If the residents of Chirodzi-Sanangwe are relocated to make way for a dam, it will not be the first time everyone has had to pick up and go. During the 1980s, people frequently had to flee into the mountains for … Continue reading

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What things go better with

This photo of Rosa Candla’s wedding day celebration is great in itself (even if the photo of the photo is not), but for those of you who have been reading about Coca-Cola’s special place in the histories of Mozambique and … Continue reading

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A meeting at the movies

The neighborhood of Munhuana, in Maputo, was not always called Munhuana. It received that more appropriate name in the 1960s. It was first known as the Bairro Indígena—the “native neighborhood”—built by colonial authorities beginning in the 1940s as a kind … Continue reading

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